MM/KM | Ich sehe Vasen | 2xLP & digital download | release 2.11.23 on The Trilogy Tapes | listen here

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mise en scène | cigarette (willow wood, Acryl) edition of 6 in collectors box

150€ + world wide shipping. order via email

mise en scène at Kunstraum Ortloff
Lorenz Lindner’s Collection d’été – Opening 28.07.2023 | 7Pm | Linienverzweiger at Tuchollaplatz Berlin
6.7.2023 6pm at MZIN at MdBK

06.02.2023 – 04.03.2023 Solo Exhibition SET at VBKTh Erfurt

01 bis 06 2023 erhält Lindner das Neustart Plus Stipendium des Kunstfonds

Nov. 30 2022 Julia Santoli & Lorenz Lindner – Trans Atlantik Objects Speak at Shift New York (USA)

Nov. 19 2022 Molto Live in Miami (USA) at Bandshell

Molto at the exhibition Sound Without Music at Casino – Forum d’art contemporain Luxembourg – 30.09.2022 19Uhr Performance
Freeze | 2018 | wood | at Kunstverein Leipzig
Collab with Ling-Yu Tai to be seen at Galerie Intershop | Offene Schmuckschatulle | 9 Jul – 30 Jul 2022

4.06.2022 2pm: Mix Mup lecture on hardware music production at Inzumuko Erfurt (in german)

Blowing Up The Pieces Ausstellungsdokumentation

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Blowing Up The Pieces exhibition at Kunstraum NeuDeli Leipzig (D) 26.02.2022 – 02.04.2022
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_04
Kalender Biegungen Master1_Seite_05
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_06
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_07
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_08
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_09
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_10
Kalender Biegungen Master1_Seite_11
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_12
Kalender Biegungen Webbilder_Seite_13
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Kalender Biegungen 2022 – mit 12 Abbildungen von Drähten – graphisch umgesetzt in  Wasserfarbe. Produziert im Rahmen des Projekts “Blowing Up The Pieces”. Gefördert durch das Kulturamt Leipzig.
Auflage von 10 Exemplaren | Handsigniert | A3 Digiprint
Calendar Biegungen 2022 – 12 pages with pictures of wires painted in watercolor. This calendar was produced for the project “Blowing Up The Pieces”. Funded by Kulturamt Leipzig.
Hand-signed Edition of 10 pieces. 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm print
Molto cdr front mea038 Kopie
Molto cdr back mea038 Kopie
Molto cdr inner1 mea038 Kopie
Molto cdr cd mea038 Kopie
Molto cdr inner2 mea038
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Molto Centre De Rencontre album release (CD and digital) on Sep 20th 2021 on Meakusma


MM/KM contributing Pressurless to Meakusma‘s Tributary Songs

Ich stehe auf und setze mich wieder hin

Performance mit Angelika Waniek & Hermann Heisig
mit Sounds von Lorenz Lindner
Sa, 10.07. 20:00 — 21:00
Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig (D)
So, 11.07. 20:00 — 21:00
Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig (D)

90 min. Zeltklänge tape + download code + liner notes by Hans-Jürgen Hafner
15€ (incl. world wide Shipping)

Zeltklänge tape to be released 3rd of July at Airbag Lagerverkauf

Probleme 1-7 to be seen soon at GFZKmore Info

Out Now: Thomas Baldischwyler asked MM/KM to work on Arthur Boto Conley‘s legacy at Kardamom: A Vinyl Album on Travel by Goods

TBG11 is (almost) the last release from Arthur Boto Conley’s artist record label Travel By Goods.
For this occasion, he invited the musicians Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse to make a public live remix of the label’s back-catalogue. For the recording, they (and a small audience) met in November 2019 in the off-space Kardamom run by the two in Leipzig.
The building in which this off-space was located was demolished shortly after the performance. Before the show, photographer Andrzej Steinbach documented the space. On the LP is a selection of auditive sketches made by Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse.
Steinbach’s photos were used for a 16-page booklet in 12″ format and are accompanied by texts by writer Marius Goldhorn (in German) and ethnomusicologist Arthur Boto Conley (in English). Booklet and stamped record are housed in a printed gatefold sleeve which has a triangle cut-out on the front.
The editions of this release are 250 copies in a gatefold sleeve. This edition was published on the occasion of his exhibition IN CC (In virtual co-reality) at the Conradi Gallery in Hamburg.

Lose Bindungen – eine Ausstellung von Lorenz Lindner & Björn Siebert

30.April – 5.Juni 2021
Neudeli Sebastian-Bach-str. 23 04109 Leipzig
Mi&Sa 16Uhr bis 18Uhr & Nach Vereinbarung

out in may: MM/KM Espace Level 2 on a Palham compilation alongside tracks by Even Tuell, Move D & D Man, ultra.clean, Pressburg Herron & Lowtec
Mastered at Madpremium Studios
2021 is a year full of MM/KM Productions!
In case you didn’t know: MM/KM is a collab between Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup (since 2010)

Tentenko‘s “An Antworten EP” including an MM/KM Remix is out now on TAL.

From 8th of march until 14th 2021 of march “Chilling The Plants” is on display in Leipzig at A und V (Lütznerstr. 30): “watch my friends caressing plants on a tv screen”

Judith Crasser & Mix Mup play records & show VHS stuff
at Barcelona Lipsi / trotzdem Yeah
Sunday 17.01.2021 | 7-9 pm CET | get your ticket here

The Onigiri Show
Mikrodisko – Live on the Radio

>>>> Livestream on the IFZ channel (youtube)

Sunday, Dec 13th 2020 — 17-21 CET (LEIPZIG) — 11AM-1PM ET (BOSTON) — 10AM-2PM CST (CHICAGO) — 8AM-12PM PT (SEATLLE)

The Onigiri ShowSOLI ONIGIRI street sale at japanische haus! eisenbahnstraße 113b, L! Sunday, Dec 13th, from 19h!!! we will donate all proceeds to MISSION LIFELINE sea life rescue.

Live radio show with BARBARA HOFMANN & PORPOISE (hosts), MIKRODISKO M14-D presentation of BOCAJ (berlin/denver) and VANYA (berlin) livesets, MRS. PEPSTEIN (street reporter), illousion [nebula/feat.fem/ifz crew] , MIX MUP (leipzig) livesets and guests, ONIGIRI COOKING SHOW with RECIPES RELEASE

coming early 2021:
MM/KM Version for Tentenko on Tal
Spielwiese – a dance theater piece of the Leipziger Tanztheater will be presented on 5 stages with compositions by Lorenz Lindner  from 08.10.2020 – 11.10.2020 at Lofft in Leipzig

Here’s a documentation of my Workshop “The Way Of Sounds” at CDFI Greifswald

Molto at the Opening of the exhibtion “Sentimental Journey” by Helen Britton and Felix Lindner 26.10.2020 Galerie Waidspeicher Erfurt

Holding a workshop at the University CDFI Greifwald (D) called “Der Lauf der Klänge” (The Way Of Sounds) 7.092020-11.09.2020

a documentation is coming soon.

90 min. cassette tape 20€ incl. int. shipping & mp3 download code
Preorder via Email

Molto live:

19.09.2020 in Erfurt at Schauspielhaus

ZELTKLÄNGE – a new project

Preview at         KUNST AM BAU
Freiluftschau ohne Eröffnung
Kuratiert von Hans-Jürgen Hafner, Gunter Reski & Marcus Weber

SA 29.08 & SO 30.08 jeweils 14-20 Uhr
Rummelsburger Landstrasse 15 (gegenüber Shelltankstelle)
12459 Berlin

See Lorenz Lindner live as Molto sur ARTE

this is a painting of one of the sculptures featured at Der Geheime Salon during the Skusik performance.

Skusik happened on april 30th 2020 in my living room. This performance was recorded for the online event series “Der Geheime Salon” by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Dressed with a stripe cap I produced 10 soundtracks for 5 dyadic sculptures within 60 minutes.

Recorded Skusik:


all live gigs for 2020 have been canceled! stay save!

exclusive 2020 appearances:

29.02.2020 Mix Mup with Lux in Leipzig (Pracht)
18.03.2020 Molto in Düsseldorf (tba)
21.03.2020 X-Mup with Tapes, K.Mosse and Disrupt in Leipzig (tba)
16.05.2020 Mix Mup with ISA and Will Bankhead in London (tba)

OUT NOW: ZIGTRAX = Tapes + Mix Mup + KMOS
a 30 minute musical equation taped in dingy Leipzig

Pomelo (bewölkt) 2019 acryl on wood 45cm x 30cm

the painting Pomelo (cloudy) shown at KUNST GEGEN RECHTS  15.08. – 01.09.2019 Botschaft / Uferhallen Berlin-Wedding

Madpremium mastering  mixing service on vacation 20.07.19 – 05.08.19

13.09.19 MM/KM in Bratislava

Mix Mup & Zigtrax will play live at  Meakusma Festival! 06.09.19-08.09.19

Zigtrax is a project by Kassem, Tapes & Mup

Spring 2019 Tour-Dates:
15.05.2019 Molto Pudel Hamburg with Nika
29.05.2019 Molto Arkaoda Berlin with Nika
07.06.2019 Mix Mup Amp Frankfurt
14.06.2019 Mix Mup b2b Even Tuell Darmstadt tba
15.06.2019 Molto Airbag Craftworks Kleestadt
19.06.2019 Molto Villa Wuller Trier

Lorenz Lindner is producing a 9 minute music piece for dancers of the Leipziger Tanztheater LTT choreographed by Tiphanie Apetoh. The piece will be premiered with 9 other short performances at Spielwiese 16.05.2019 at Werk2 Leipzig (also playing: 17./18./19.052019)

If you like to have Molto in your town at your venue or another space you can imagine, contact us!

The non commercial radio station Berlin Community Radio closed feb. 4th. – I was hosting a monthly show there for over 4 years and hereby want to say thank you for all the work at BCR. Special Thanks to Sarah Miles and Anastazia Moser for inviting me to host my show.  Most of the shows  are now archived on my website.

One for Jarman..
listen to my last radioshow on BCR deticated to Joseph Jarman

OUT NOW:  Mix Mup “Clear Drive” EP (TTT072)


– one of my paintings from the series “paintings for siestas” is going to be sold at the art auction ARTISTS CARE ABOUT BRIDGES in Berlin at Acud 16.12.2018. The money earned is to support the work of Seebrücke, an international movement demanding the establishment of safe routes for refugees. Please register quickly by sending an email to if you want to participate. A full catalogue with all works will be published 6.12.18 here.

– Lorenz Lindner talking about Music/ Art /Mix Mup / Molto and releasing a new 1hour Mix on TRUANTS
– New Ep on The Trilogy Tapes by Mix Mup announced release date 10.12.18 : LISTEN HERE
– November ’18 Mix Mup Show for Berlin Community Radio online LISTEN HERE
Madpremium Mastering / Mixing / Consulting – going on vacation 1.10. – 14.10 2018
– Mix Mup Slap Mix for Osynlig Fetma out on Red Curls! LISTEN HERE
– Mix Mup & Molto now officialy join Disconnect Agency. For any Booking request please contact Mark
– Mix Mup’s April 18  Bcr Show  is now online LISTEN HERE
– Im Gespräch über Roy Ayers’ Album Wake Up im Radio Blau (Leipzig 99,2 MHz) 13.05.18 16h-17h
– Lorenz Lindner im Morgenmagazin von Radio F.r.e.i. in Erfurt  im Molto special am 11.05.18 9h-11h /// Abends: Molto Live bei Frau Korte
– Molto & Mix Mup confirmed to play LIVE at Meakusma Festival 2018
– Chilling the Do confirmed to play LIVE at NachtDigitalFestival 2018
– New Mix & Interview by Mix Mup on Inverted Audio LISTEN HERE released
– Mix Mup opens MadPremium Mastering Service
– Mix Mup’s January 2018 BCR Radioshow is now online LISTEN HERE
– Mix Mup contributes exclusive new Track LISTEN HERE for the “Die Streichelwurst” Mag

© Lorenz Lindner 2018