From the Studio of Mix Mup, Molto & MM/KM:

MadPremium offers experience from more than 20 years of music production.
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Creative consulting

Depending on the source MPMS does everything possible to make your mix sound excellent and ready for the guys at the pressing plant or any other distribution.
MPMS guarantees a dynamic well sounding result.
You can send stems or mixes.
this is the procedure: 1. you send the mix or the stems 2. MPMS is checking the files and sends you an offer 3. MPMS works on your music and sends you the results asap 4. if you have anything to complain about; MPMS offers one extra hour of studio time to bring the result to your satisfaction.

Approximate prices including taxes :
1 Track 55€
Mixing from stems
1 Track 85€

There are special offers for Eps / Albums depending on the material.

Feel free to ask for more information / special offers:

here’s a selection of artists & labels MPMS was working for:
Baba Stiltz, Bisk, Even Tuell, Herron, Kassem Mosse, Kiki Hitomi, Low-Tec, Mikrodisko, MM/KM, Noorden, Ominira, Qnete, R.A.N.D. Muzik, Samo Dj, The Trilogy Tapes, Voiski, Workshop, Zigtrax