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LP. Zigtrax (Kassem Mosse, Tapes & Mix Mup) –  Workshop Ι 2019

MC. Zigtrax (Kassem Mosse, Tapes & Mix Mup) “Live In Zig – Ominira | 2019


EP. Mix Mup “Clear Drive” –  The Trilogy Tapes Ι 2019

RMX. Mix Mup “Clubbers Players” for Osynlig Fetma –  Red Curls Ι 2018

V.A. Mix Mup “Liquid Touch Orageux” Die Streichelwurst Ι 2018

EP Mix Mup “Gravity” Mikrodisko – M12 Ι 2017

V.A. KLM tracks (Kassem Mosse, Lowtec, Mix Mup) Nachti XX  Nachtdigital Ι 2017

V.A. MM/KM “Viertausendsechshundert” Lifetime Subscribtion Mikrodisko – M10 Ι 2016

EP Mix Mup “Beach Hotel De Haan” Meakusma – mea0016 Ι 2015

EP Mix Mup “Skip Intro” The Trilogy Tapes – TTT031 Ι 2015

RMX Mix Mup NFL CC DUB for UD – “Adapted”  Kimochi – Kimochi 15 Ι 2015

EP MM/KM “Have You Seen Them” on The Trilogy Tapes – TTTPALACE001 Ι 2015

V.A. Mix Mup “Her Mirrors” Super Various on Nachtdigital – ND18 Ι 2015

RMX MM/KM More Names Mix for Kowton “More Games” on Livity Sound – LIVITY013 Ι  2014

RMX MM/KM Remix for TBC “Unchained” on Die Orakel – ORKL-01 Ι 2013

Ep Mix Mup “After The Job” on Hinge Finger – HINF8675 Ι 2013

Album MM/KM (Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse) on The Trilogy Tapes – TTT003 Ι 2012

Ep Mix Mup “Drive By” on Mikrodisko – M8 Ι 2012

RMX Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix for Mistakes Are Ok “Best Before” on Hivern Discs – HVN012 Ι 2012

RMX Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse Remix for Paul Woolford “Deflowered” on Special Request – SPECIALREQUESTEP2 Ι 2012

RMX Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse Remix for John Beltran “Brilliant Flood” on Delsin – 87dsr/jbt1 Ι 2011

Ep Mix Mup “Spunky take 1” on Sunky Monkey – SPM07 Ι 2010

V.A. M.Mup & K. Mosse “We Beat This Thing” Don’t Turn Around on Mikrodisko / Kann – M6 Ι 2010

EP Mix Mup “Something More To Play” on Mikrodisko – M4 Ι 2008

RMX Mix Mup Remix for Si-Begg Non Stop Cut Paste on Noodles – NOODJNR4 Ι 2007

EP Mix Mup “Dj of higher quality” on Erkrankung durch Musique – EDM #1011 Ι 2003

EP Mix Mup “candys” on Erkrankung durch Musique – EDM #1005 Ι 2001

V.A. Mix Mup “the real player sound” Sid-Musique V.A. on Erkrankung durch Musique – E.D.M#1002 Ι 2000

RMX Mix Mup Remix for Michiko Kusaki Re:Kusaki “What you do”  on Angelika Köhlermann – ak008 Ι 1999