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Centre de Rencontre is Molto’s second album. It compiles recordings from various live performances, sound designed later on to give the album an integrated feel. Molto concerts are always improvised and the atmosphere of the performance rooms is always a vital part of Molto’s music. 2015’s Versatile International Service album on Ominira focused on the combination of the aesthetics and characteristics of library music and free jazz. Centre de Rencontre is its logical followup, merging synthetic sounds and sounds from analogue instruments played by hand and partly built by Molto himself.

Molto is a project of Lorenz Lindner whose Mix Mup project stands at the vanguard of modern house music. Like Lindner’s sculptural work, Molto’s music focuses on the beauty of the casual. Its improvisatory and searching nature and its combination of synthesised sound and amplified acoustic instruments creates a unique sound world that is at times deceptively naive and at times even gently ironic. It is is a quiet music that focuses on phrasing and drive. Distinctly non-ambient, its influence range is broad and surprising. Its quiet nature is its loudest conviction.

Centre de Rencontre is a joint release by Meakusma and MadPremium (Lindner’s studio, mixing and mastering alias)